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Coconut Grove Arts Festival


Bonnie, regarding sitting in protest during our national anthem: "GOD BLESS MY AMERICA - IF YOU'RE THAT UNHAPPY WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!"


 Handing Out & Mailing Constitutions

We would like everyone to be able to have an easily accessible, pocket-sized, print copy of Our Constitution.  Not everyone has internet access, or at least readily available internet access.  Moreover, some people favor print content over digital, or prefer a hard copy for quick, certain access to the entire Constitution, and perhaps to notate on.  

Having Our Constitution in its original paper medium also reminds us further of the dedication, toil, and sacrifices Our Founders made -- sacrifices made to secure the freedoms and rights that are ours to this day.  We must ensure that these efforts, and the lives given and lost that were so crucial to this struggle, are never forgotten; and that even as aspects of society continue to change, the humanity strived for in Our Constitution must remain fundamental to our actions and values and never be compromised.    

Our source for Our Constitutions has been the US Government Printing Office.  We are handing out pocket-sized copies in Miami (please email for times and places).  For those who can afford to, we appreciate a donation to help with these costs. 

Also, Our Constitution and other important documents can be seen & read on-line at our Links page (under Our History).


If you are in the Miami area and have questions for us,

or for information on sending copies of Our Constitution to organizations where you live,

please email us at 



Other Outreach

If you agree with our philosophy, mission, and goals, and would

like to help us pass out Constitutions in your area,

or have us at your event, please email!!

Pinecrest Farmers Market

Leo: "Term limits across the board... Two terms at most... All levels of government.

Caps on election donations, spending.

Dedicated media channel: 

Equal time top five parties - Unfiltered, relevant, nonpartisan, continuous news."

Pinecrest Farmers Market


Jon: "Sign should read, 'Free the US Constitution.' "

Peter: "We have a duopoly.  More parties or no parties."

Thanks to you both and everyone else for stopping by and for your interest in Our Constitution!!!  More below...

Memorial Day 5.29.17 - Woodlawn Park 

Veteran's Day 2017

Coconut Grove, Miami Beach

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